Volleyball ACE and TapRecorder with PracticeStats for Competitive Court Volleyball

Volleyball Ace Entry Level Pricing and In App Purchase Features.

We have separated the Apple iOS version of Volleyball Ace into a base product and a series of optional features. The purpose of this separation was to create a more affordable entry level price for Volleyball Ace. Note that the optional components can be purchased while using Volleyball Ace, but access to the App Store is required to make a purchase. (Wifi is not always available courtside). The entry-level Volleyball Ace product includes all of the features available in previous versions of Volleyball Ace except for:

Charting Attacks and Serves ($14.99): This feature must be purchased in order to record charts of attacks and serves.

Multiple Rosters ($14.99): The entry level product allows you to save and reuse two team rosters. To use more than two saved rosters, this feature must be purchased. Note that Volleyball Ace will always save a roster, but if more than two rosters are saved, only the first and last rosters on the list can be accessed.

Opponent Insight Reports ($9.99): These are the reports on opponent attacks and serves, identified by winners, errors and total number of stats. Note that Volleyball Ace saves the data used in these reports so that once Opponent Insight Reports are licensed, the reports can be reviewed even for earlier matches. Opponent insight reports are available in the Volleyball Ace Analyzer, even if this feature has not been purchased in Volleyball Ace.

Note that these three features are automatically licensed (at no charge) for customers who purchased the Apple version of Volleyball Ace before the change to component pricing. Also note that the sum of the base price plus these first three components is less than the original price.

Consolidation ($9.99): This new feature which was introduced last year simplifies match and season stat reporting. It also makes it easier to export all of the sets of a match to MaxPreps.

Time Codes for Video ($39.99): This feature continues to be an in app purchase item, as it was in previous versions of Volleyball Ace. The price has been reduced from $79.99. We are working on connections to more video software vendors.

Note: Entry-level pricing for Volleyball Ace is currently available only on Apple iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone. It is not currently available on Android or Windows PC devices.

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Volleyball ACE and TapRecorder with PracticeStats for Competitive Court Volleyball